At bonusbank, we don’t claim to be financial advisors, never have, never will. Our sole focus is providing our members with a side hustle. A side hustle that is risk free, tax free and takes little time! 

We do however, want to ensure that the money made from the side hustle is used wisely and that’s why we’re huge fans of Scott Pape aka “The Barefoot Investor“.

The famous author’s book is Australia’s #1 bestseller and claims to be the “only money guide you’ll ever need”. A bold statement, however the steps highlighted in the book have helped me take control of my own personal finances, from switching super to ensuring I have adequate insurance for my family and I.


What’s this got to do with Bonusbank? 

Part 2 of the book is titled “Grow” and the first chapter is “How to double your income”. There are tips about how to earn an extra $5000 just by negotiating with your boss. And there’s also a chapter called “get a bit on the side – fast”. In this chapter, The Barefoot recommends freelancing, doing something your good at. 

We’re not trying to deter you from pursuing either of these options, we just want to add an additional option, something that can be started today, is easy to follow and is tax free. 

Matched betting is the perfect Barefoot Side Hustle.

Here’s what our members have to say:

“Thanks to you, i’m completely debt free and on my way to being financially free!” – zerocool

“Truly changed my life, easiest money you’ll ever make” – Ads

“Wisest investment I’ve made this year” – HoracioDanton

More testimonials can be found here.  

So what are you waiting for? Start your free bonusbank trial today and start filling up those buckets! Up to you whether you blow, mojo or grow. 


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