It was a new year. Novak Djokovic had won the Australian Open. The Sydney Sixers took the BBL title from the Melbourne Renegades. Bonusbank members were making money from bookmaker bonuses.

With the AFL and NRL season fast approaching, the most profitable time of the year for matched betting was just around the corner. Unfortunately, so was the coronavirus and a global pandemic.

Covid-19 not only decimated the global economy, it also had a serious impact on two things that we love…sports and matched betting.

As Australians got ready to support their favourite team through the NRL and AFL season – and as bonusbank members got ready to make a profit on the games – it suddenly all came to a grinding halt.

After only two rounds the NRL made the decision to suspend the 2020 season. A decision which they now regret.

This move came a day after the AFL suspended their season indefinitely.

Unfortunately for bonusbank members, this meant it was harder to make money from the bookies.

Matched betting stopped by coronavirus
To the Rescue

However, as stadiums remained empty across the country there was one saving grace that defied the Covid lockdown.

After putting bio-security measures in place, and locking out crowds, horse racing continued throughout the pandemic.

With no other live sport available, horse racing became the matched betting lifesaver that every bonusbank member needed.

Bookmakers continued to offer boosts, cash back and bonus bets. As a result, there was still plenty of money to be made.

Using our Horsepower software, bonusbank members were able to determine the best opportunities for each promotion and maximise their profits. We even added a new ‘Favourite vs Field’ feature which helped to turn a profit even when promos weren’t available.

Matched betting allowed our members to make money, even when they were stuck in lockdown.

Return to (the new) Normal

The good news is that sports is finally returning.

German soccer returned on May 16th, but not as we know it.

The Bundesliga became the first major European soccer league to return without crowds. It did have promos though, and our members have been profiting from them.

Closer to home, the NRL will return on Thursday, the 28th of May. Stadiums across Australia will be turned into quarantine zones to ensure the NRL season goes ahead without any hiccups.

In June we will see the return of the AFL. In Europe, the EPL and La Liga will start up again also.

Assuming there are no further outbreaks, the rest of 2020 is going to be packed full of sport. As leagues try to make up for lost time, we could potentially see AFL, NRL, Rugby Union, Cricket, Soccer, NFL, NBA, Tennis Grand Slams, and Golf Majors all happening at the same time.

Throw in the Spring carnival horse racing and it is safe to say that there will be more matched betting opportunities than ever before.

If you are looking for ways to make money online, you won’t find many better options than matched betting in 2020.

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