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Bet365 are one of the best bookies around. They offer great odds and consistently good promos. They are a huge global outfit, so you should have no concerns about depositing money with them.

They do not advertise their signup bonus through affiliate sites, but you can find it by clicking on ‘Current Offers’ in their footer menu.


BestBet are part of the PlayUp group. They are the only bookie in the group to be launched by PlayUp, the others were all established bookies that were bought by the group.

Despite their generous signup offer, we advise staying away from BestBet for the foreseeable future. This is due to poor business practices on their part which have included limiting stakes, locking accounts, and requesting unreasonable amounts of documentation to make withdrawals.

Hopefully things will change once the site is more established, but for now you should avoid.


BetEasy was formed in 2018 as the result of a merger between Crownbet and William Hill. If you have ever had an account with either of those bookies you will be able to log-in to BetEasy with the same details.

Although the BetEasy website looks exactly like Crownbet, it is no longer part of the Crown Group. It is now owned by the Stars Group, who also own Poker Stars and Draft Stars. They are a reputable business, so there is no concerns about payouts etc.

BetEasy have some of the best promos around, so they are a very useful bookie to have an account with.

Betting.Club used to be a great little bookie with regular promos. In fact, they were the bookie we used in our tutorials as a recommended first signup.

However, they were bought by PlayUp in 2018 and have been pretty useless ever since.

In August 2018 they ‘migrated to a new operating system’ and, in the process, messed up all of their accounts. Balances disappeared, transactions disappeared from betting statements, passwords were reset. It was a disaster that lasted for about a month.

Everything was eventually resolved and balances were restored (as far as we know), but since then the site has offered zero promos or signup bonus.

Until that changes, there is no reason to open a account.


One of the few independent bookies left. Bluebet don’t have a huge amount of promos, but the ones that they do have can be good.

We are not aware of any issues regarding withdrawals or bet placement etc. Their odds aren’t great, but you should still be able to make a tidy profit from them.


Classicbet offer generous signup bonuses, but they have high turnover requirements and can be quick to limit accounts. There have also been reports of slow or withheld withdrawals.

They were purchased by the PlayUp Group in 2018 but, rather than PlayUp improving the dodgy practices at Classicbet, it seems like Classicbet is badly influencing the others in the group.

If you choose to deposit with them, please only do so with funds that you can afford to have tied up for a while. We would also recommend large underlays on the bonus bets to compensate for any time and money spent completing the turnover requirements.

Ladbrokes Group

The Ladbrokes Group consists of Ladbrokes, BetStar, and Bookmaker.

You will only be able to get a signup bonus from one of these bookmakers. Ladbrokes usually has the best offer, but it is worth checking the others before making a decision.

Even though you won’t get a signup bonus from the other two, it is still worth opening an account with them. You will be able to access their existing customer promos.

Ladbrokes is a huge organisation, so you shouldn’t have any trouble with slow withdrawals, or other dodgy practices, here. They also have no minimum odds on their turnover requirements, which is a huge benefit for us.


Previously an independent bookie with regular promos, MadBookie is now part of the PlayUp group.

The promos aren’t as common now, and they are quick to ban if you use them.

As with any member of PlayUp, caution is advised. Using a large underlay with your bonus bet is a good idea, just in case you have to complete their turnover requirement.


Neds launched in late 2017 and attracted a lot of attention with a generous signup bonus and some great promotions. Unfortunately, we received many reports of them locking accounts in early 2018, and we advised our members to stay away.

Things seem to have improved recently, though. We have not heard anything negative for several months, and Neds were recently bought by the Ladbrokes group.

With Ladbrokes backing them up, we don’t have many concerns about Neds these days.

However, we would still target other bookies first and leave Neds for one of the later signups. This will allow you to build a bigger float


Palmerbet are an independent bookie with regular promos and a big signup offer.

However, they have a high turnover requirement and their signup bonus can only be used on racing, so they are not ideal for newbies.


Pointsbet launched in 2017 as a spread-betting company, but later added fixed odds markets for racing, and then for other sports.

They have regular promos and, in the past, some of them have been fantastic. They are quick to ban anyone taking advantage of their promos though, so you may want to use them sparingly.

More recently, the promos have been less generous, but that could change again in future.


Sportsbet are one of the biggest bookies in Australia. They have decent odds and some great promos (in particular, their early payout offers).

It is usually possible to get a signup bonus of up to $500 from them, so wait until you have a decent float before signing up.

Tab & Tab.Ubet

Tab is probably the most recognisable name in Australian betting. In addition to online betting, they also have thousands of retail outlets where you can bet in person.

They recently merged with Tatts Group, the owners of Ubet. Since then, Ubet has been rebranded as Tab. Their new URL is

The sites haven’t completely merged, but they generally have the same promos. It is only recommended to open an account with one of them.

At present, Ubet don’t have a signup bonus. Tab usually offer a $100 bonus after you signup, even if nothing is advertised on their site.

Ubet have slightly better odds than Tab.



TabTouch are based in WA and are independent from Tab and Ubet. 

They are the most lenient bookie around when it comes to promo bans, and they have lots of promos. They also pay bonuses as cash, rather than bonus bets, so they are a great bookie to have.

Unfortunately, they will not pay bonuses to NSW or SA. Their terms also exclude VIC, but they will usually pay out to VIC customers anyway.


TopBetta are another member of the PlayUp Group.

Historically, they have been a great little bookie who are slow to ban, with regular arbs, and occasionally great promos.

However, caution is advised with any PlayUp member. We haven’t heard any negative reports about TopBetta yet, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if they started to limit accounts in the way that Bestbet, ClassicBet, and MadBookie have.


TopSport are a family run, independent bookie. If you are a punter they are a decent bookie to have as they don’t limit accounts and say ‘no bet is too big or too small’. They aren’t great for matched betting though.

They do have a signup bonus, but it has a 6x wagering requirement on it, so it is not for beginners. If you have a big float it is worth having a crack at though.

They also offer $2 lines on several sports, which can be handy for dutching or finding middles.


Another global brand, Unibet have some of the best odds around. We often use them to balance our plays, particularly with soccer.

They don’t have a huge number of promos, but they have regular odds boosts that are useful, and they usually show up with good racing promos during the carnivals.


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    Is there anyway to use fluck up and jump off at neds to advantage

    • Nico

      If you use the serach function in the forum you will find some threads related to that. Here is one.

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    Is there a page somewhere listing the best current sign up bonus codes for each?

    • Nico

      As the promos change regularly, it is best to check the major affiliate sites for the best deals. or will have the best deal 90% of the time.

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