The first thing you should do after opening a new account with a bookmaker – before depositing any money – is verify your identity.

Why Is This important?

Bookmakers in Australia have to follow money laundering laws which regulate who they can pay money to. If your account isn’t verified you’re not going to get paid.

By going through the verification process before you deposit you can remove the risk of getting funds tied up at the bookie.

How Do I Get Verified?

The good news is that, for most people, verification is really easy. In fact, in some cases it might even happen automatically.

The verification software that the bookies use has access to the electoral roll. So, if you are an Australian citizen and are registered to vote it should recognise you. You don’t have to do anything else.

If you aren’t automatically verified, don’t worry. You can usually meet the requirements by entering information such as your passport, drivers licence, or Medicare number.

What if the software won’t verify me?

For some people it will not be possible to get verified via the software. This might be because you are not an Australian citizen, or because you have recently moved house. If this is the case you will have to provide some certified documents.The most common documents are a copy of your passport and a recent bank statement.

There are a few ways to get the documents certified but the easiest is via a Justice of the Peace. This website shows when one will be available in your area.

Every bookie’s verification process is a little bit different, so read the terms & conditions and be sure that you have met them before making a deposit.

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