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If you want to make serious money from matched betting you need a Bonusbank Premium subscription.

You’ll get access to a whole range of tutorials, from beginner to advanced, and the Premium version of our matched betting software. You’ll also get access to the ‘Today’s Plays’ section, all of our forums, and much more. 

*We recommend that you choose a username that does not reveal your real name and is different from your username on any existing bookmaker accounts.


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    If after my trial period I no longer wish to continue. How dow I cancel.

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    Hi, how do I pay via PayPal?

    • Nico

      You can set up a PayPal subscription via this link.

      PayPal subscriptions are not activated automatically, so please email us with your username after you make the payment and we will manually activate it as soon as we can.

    • Josh_T

      Hi, I just paid for the first month. Tried to apply CC25 but it charged without discount… How can I apply?

      • Nico

        What is your username? I can’t find an account with the username Josh_T.

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    Do I have to put in card details if I’m using a prom code?

    • Nico

      Yes, but you will not be charged until your trial period ends. If you cancel before then you will not be charged at all.

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    Hi, Where do I enter a promo code I have to access premium for 5 days? I opened the free account to start with, now I’d like to give the premium version a go by using the promo code.

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    I’d like to open an account using Paypal, but noticed that the Paypal link in your comments above leads to a signup for $50 a month. Is there a way I can sign up and use my 25% first month coupon via Paypal?

    • Nico

      Unfortuantely, PayPal isn’t fully integrated with our software so it isn’t possible to apply coupons to a PayPal subscription. To apply the code you would have to signup using a debit or credit card.

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    Is the PayPal option still there?

  7. Avatar

    How long would my trial be seeing as theres not much sport ongoing with covid 19 around

    • Nico

      We don’t have any trials available at the moment, but you can use our free membership for as long as you need. You can also get 25% off your first month of premium by using the code CC25.
      There are still plenty of opportunities with horse racing at the moment, and several more sports are scheduled to return on the next few weeks (Bundesliga – May 15th, NRL – May 28th).

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    I’m interested in the TAB same game multi promo for AFL games. Does your premium service provide a strategy ?

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    Hiya, I just created an account at BB and then saw a tip that it’d be ideal not to use the same username here and in another betting agency. I didn’t see that tip until after my account was created. Anyway to change the username then?

    • Nico

      No problem. Just send us an email with the new username you would like to change to.

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    Hi, I just used a coupon to sign up for a 5 days trial and when I tried to access the plays, it didn’t work. I came back to my account page, to reenter the coupon and now it says “Coupon Invalid”. Not sure what happened…..

  11. Avatar

    I think I forgot to enter my card number after confirming the coupon and now it won’t let me use the coupon again. Is there a way of fixing that?

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