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If you want to make serious money from matched betting you need a Bonusbank Premium account. You’ll get access to a whole range of tutorials, from beginner to advanced, and the Premium version of our matched betting software. You’ll also get access to the ‘Today’s Plays’ section, all of our forums, and much more. 

*We recommend that you choose a username that does not reveal your real name and is different from your username on any existing bookmaker accounts.


  1. I dont want to pay via credit card, how else??

    • Nico

      We can also accept PayPal payments, although it is a little trickier as we have to set up your account manually. Send an email to [email protected] and we will talk you through the process.

  2. Can you please advise how many aussie bookmakers you scan for arbs. I am in South Australia and bonus bets are basically dead here. Thanks in Advance

    • Nico

      We currently have 15 bookies listed and are working to add more

  3. If after my trial period I no longer wish to continue. How dow I cancel.

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