Risk-free profit…without the promos.

side hustles make money online

At Bonusbank, we believe that matched betting is the best side hustle available to people in Australia or New Zealand. There are a few reasons we think that way:

  • The profits are much higher than alternative side hustles.
  • It can be done from anywhere.
  • It doesn’t take much time.
  • You don’t need any previous skills or experience.
  • It is tax-free.

However… to make money from matched betting you need to be able to access bookmaker promotions.

This isn’t a problem at first but, once the bookies realise what you are doing, your accounts will eventually be disqualified from promos.

At that point you are going to start looking for alternative ways to make money, and fortunately we have one…

Sports arbitrage is a risk-free way to make money from your bookie accounts without the need for promotions.

Just like matched betting, arbing is a mathematical strategy that removes risk by betting on all outcomes. The difference is that arbitrage takes advantage of differences in the odds between bookies in order to guarantee a profit no matter the result.

Obviously, bookies would never offer 2.10 odds on a literal coin toss, but there are similar opportunities that appear every day:

The Pro version of our Dutching software is the best arb finder in Australia. It constantly scans thousands of markets and compares odds in order to find the best opportunities.

Every day you will find dozens of risk-free bets that you can place to lock-in a profit. These mostly occur in secondary markets like Lines, Totals, and Player Props. This is because there is less uniformity in the odds that bookies offer.

If you approach these bets in a sustainable way (i.e. using appropriate stakes to stay off the bookies radar), you can consistently make hundreds of dollars each week from accounts that have already been banned from promos.

In addition to the dutching software, our ATM Pro can also be used to find arbitrage opportunities. In this case, profits are locked-in by laying the bet on Betfair rather than dutching against other bookies.

side hustles make money online

If you are short on time you can use our ATM Alerts tool to get notifications of when the arbs arise.

Pro members also get access to our Bore Draw software, which can be used to create arbs by leveraging a refund offer available at a major bookie (although you need promo eligibility for this one).

If you are completely new to the world of making money from bookies our recommendation will always be to start by learning the basics of matched betting.

However, arbitrage is something that every matched bettor will graduate to at some point. It provides another tool that we can use to squeeze profits out of our bookie accounts, especially after they have been banned from promos.

If you are looking to make money from sports arbitrage in Australia, upgrade to our Pro membership
today to access the best software on the market and join the most knowledgeable community.