If you are still on the fence about matched betting and bonusbank, have a read through these testimonials from some of our members…

“Changed my life”

As a young university student, BonusBank has given me financial freedom and with numbers now creeping over $15,000 in just 6 short months.. I can hardly believe it myself.

Truly changed my life, I’d advise everyone to give this a go – it really is some of the easiest money you’ll ever make.


“smash the bookies”

Fantastic, dedicated and reliable service. Stacks of information and knowledge shared by both the staff and fellow punters. Has improved my betting out of site! I now smash the bookies and only worry about being banned from them. The sites calculators and software tools help a lot too.


“Only 30-45 min a day”

Loving it. Nico and the team are very helpful. Have made nearly $4000 in just under 3 months, only spending 30-45min a day on BB.


Absolutely wonderful!

Absolutely wonderful! I am so thankful that you guy so have designed a program that shows people how to make several thousand dollars very easily. A lot of information, calculators, and software. Lovely work.

“Wisest investment I’ve made this year”

The subscription to Bonusbank has been the wisest investment I’ve made this year.

I have never been a punter. I had never bet before. But with the help of Bonusbank, I’ve made tens of thousands this year. That money has helped me move out of a toxic work relationship, strengthened my connections with friends and family and allowed me to expand my investment portfolio.

The team at bonusbank is active, helpful and always friendly. They work hard to continually find value for their members. While there are other matched betting outfits in Australia, I can confidently say that Bonusbank is worth joining and that their automatcher is hands down the best I’ve seen around.

Don’t hesitate; join Bonusbank today!


“The only way to win”

I think matched betting is the ONLY way to win. Any experienced punter knows that betfair trading is a minefield. As for “normal” punting, forget it, it doesn’t work. Matched betting is the only option, and Bonusbank is the best available in Australia.


Bonusbank in a nutshell 10/10

I joined bonusbank 4 months ago and don’t regret a single $ that I spent on this membership. The tools are just crazy useful and whenever you have a question whether it’s Nico personally helping you or one of the members, someone is always there.

Nico and David keep improving bonusbank and always work on new features that facilitate matched betting. If you’re thinking that not joining is going to save you some bucks then you’re wrong here. Time is money and without bonusbank you’re going to spend hours looking for good matches. Look at bonusbank like a shovel when you want to dig a deep hole – yes you can do it with your bare hands but it’ll be a tedious and painful task.

I usually never rate anything let alone write testimonials, however, bonusbank has given me so much that I want to return the favor. If you’re still thinking about joining, do it, it’s one of the things I guarantee you won’t ever regret for a second.


“I have learned so much”

Since joining Bonusbank I have learned so much. Lots of informative videos on the site, great tools & calculators which do the hard work for you, and also a very helpful community with many members sharing their knowledge of how to play different types of bonuses. I really can’t think of a single negative and would highly recommend anyone thinking of signing up to do so!


“An extra $20,000 in the last 6 months”

Having recently come out of bankruptcy, I was looking at other ways of supplementing my income to assist in getting back on feet; and then I came across BonusBank.

BonusBank has not only helped me save an extra $20,000 in the last 6 months, I have also found a new social group on the chat who are a great help in learning your way around matched betting.

I am not a ‘punter’ – never have been and haven’t become one – THIS is a just a great way to make extra money with little or NO risk.

Looking to make some extra cash? Look no further than Nico and the team at BonusBank. Better than being an Uber driver and its tax fee.


“Packed with information”

I found out about matched betting from a UK podcast earlier this year and other than the odd punt on the Melbourne Cup I hadn’t really placed a bet before. The concept of matched betting intrigued me so much I spent quite a bit of time considering it and that was when I found bonusbank.

From the initial contact, Nico and the team were super helpful and answered all my questions (and I had a lot of them) quickly and in depth which really helped me get my head around everything. The website is packed with information, a chat forum and incredibly useful software and they even advise you exactly what bets to place to make consistent profits.

5 months on my profits have grown to more than $11,000 and I couldn’t have achieved that without all the help from bonusbank.


Paid my Mortgage

Bonusbank is an amazing resource and a great community for matched betting. I went from cautious on-looker to confident believer overnight once you see the process in action. Matched betting and Bonusbank became a daily habit, going so far as to involve myself in stats and the sporting world despite no previous interest. It became a lifestyle, a second, but still enjoyable, job for me at some points. During 18 months of solid matched betting with Bonusbank and their tools, knowledge and community, I was able to knock 8 years off my mortgage. That combined with payments already being ahead, I am now under 30 with zero debt to my name and Bonusbank showed me the way.

Nico and David, couldn’t have done it without you, thanks for everything.


As Nike states, “Just Do It”

Hi, I joined Bonusbank about a month ago. I had only a small bank to start with and just followed what Niko and the team told me to do through the Tutorials. Now, I have tripled my original bank which is awesome. I am now ready to start implementing the “Today’s Plays”, and look forward to making even more profit. I highly recommend Bonusbank to anyone looking for a legitimate way of generating a passive income. It WORKS, and it’s easy to produce the results. Thanks again to everyone at Bonusbank for providing such an amazing service.



“Friendly and reliable advice”

I have been matched betting for around nine months and have made over $15,500 profit.  I consider this a pretty good return given I don’t cover the horse racing or multi promos (although this is about to change).

It would not have been possible to achieve this result without the tools & services (especially the ATM) here at Bonusbank.  The Bonusbank team offers friendly and reliable advice which is invaluable, especially when starting out matched betting.

Don’t be concerned about the price, you will find that Bonusbank will pay for itself several times over AND save you a lot of time.


“I am no longer a mug punter”

I am very happy that I stumbled upon Bonusbank.

I have only really wagered weekends so far and I have made a profits in the range of roughly $1000, this includes learning mistakes.

I can confidently say that you have only had a positive impact on my life.

I am no longer a mug punter. Thank you.


5k in 8 weeks

8 weeks in and approximately 5K up. What’s not to love.


Really great so far!

Really great so far! The resources are very useful and if I need additional help, there’s always the discord to ask questions.


Thanks Bonusbank!

Hey all,

Just want to give a shout out to the team here at bonusbank.

Thanks to you, i’m completely debt free and on my way to being financially free – if things keep going the way they are.

One of the most selfless bunch of people i’ve had the pleasure of being introduced to.

With love!


Enhanced the experience

Bonusbank has taken my love of sport and sportsbetting and enhanced the experience


“extremely useful”

It’s been great. There is no way i could’ve been as successful with match betting without the help of bonus bank. The tutorials, tools (atm, calculators and horsepower) and the discord server have been extremely useful.

“Paid off half of my debt”

Just wanted to take a minute to say thank you to all of the staff at bonusbank and all of the wonderful people in the chat! Yesterday was my kids birthday and it was the first time that I have been able to comfortably afford presents and party things for her!

I have paid off half of my debt and am well on my way to a new ride (still rocking a VT commy, the same car I since i learned to drive). You guys are the best 


The best tools, software and information

Bonusbank has helped me streamline my matched betting experience, giving me the best tools, software and information right at my fingertips to target any situation.


Best community and it works

Have now been mbing for 11 months. Best thing I’ve done! Started in Melbourne lockdown as something to do after hearing about it . Gave it a go to see if it was a scam or if it really worked. It does! So good and a great discord community. Matched betting funded my wedding and took financial stress off me. It’s like anything you get out what you put in but it’s an exponential learning curve. If you commit to the tutorials and read all the learning videos and material it spells it all out. It’s definitely worth the time and in a year you can make anywhere from $15-25k tax free. All in all 10/10 would recommend and do again!


Supportive Community

The community is incredibly supportive and informative.


“Helping me pay for a fantastic Christmas holiday”

I would highly recommend Bonusbank and matched betting as it is easy to do if you follow all the instructions and tips through Bonusbank. You do not have to know anything about sports or racing at all, as you can follow easily once you do it a few times.

Over time I have proven that you can make some decent money if you stick at it. If anyone has some time to spare then this is a great way of earning some extra dollars. I am so glad I found Bonusbank as your site is helping me pay for a fantastic Christmas holiday this year. NZ for Christmas this year and who knows maybe Europe next Christmas, as I will certainly be continuing on. Thanks Bonusbank


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