Matched Betting in New Zealand

Matched betting is such a profitable side-hustle that we often get emails from people all over the world asking if they can sign up to bonusbank.

As much as we would love to help all of those people make money online, for most of them it isn’t possible.

Without access to Australian bookmakers they would be unable to profit from matched betting.

There is one group of people outside of Australia who can sign up though – our friends the Kiwis.


Matched Betting From New Zealand


Matched Betting in New Zealand

Australian bookmakers are more than happy to accept customers from New Zealand, and in most cases they are treated in exactly the same way as Aussie customers.

That means that people in NZ will receive welcome bonuses, be able to access early payout offers, and be eligible for refunds on promos across a range of sports.

In other words, it is possible to make money matched betting in New Zealand!

Differences Matched Betting in New Zealand

There really aren’t many. Most bookmakers treat Kiwi customers in exactly the same way as Aussies. And all of the tutorials and tools at bonusbank work exactly the same for everyone.

The only differences you will find relate to currency, and bookies that have NZ versions of their sites.

Because bookies don’t treat Kiwis any differently, they only offer accounts in AUD. This also applies to Betfair.

This means that, unless you have an AUD account, you will lose a small amount of your profits due to currency conversion fees.

Only two bookies have separate NZ sites – Tab and Bet365.

Both of these sites are almost identical to their Australian counterparts, but occasionally there is a difference in the promos that they have available. Sometimes the NZ promos are better, sometimes they are worse. So it is worth keeping an eye on.


Bonusbank in New Zealand

As previously mentioned, all of the features supplied by bonusbank work the same no matter whether you are matched betting in New Zealand or Australia.

We also have a specific thread in our forum where members from New Zealand can share their experiences with each bookie in order to help each other (this is something we have for every Australian state too).

So, if you are in New Zealand and would like to get started with matched betting, sign up for a free account today!

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