Bet Tracker

Matched betting spreadsheet

The Bet Tracker spreadsheet is a great way to record all of your bets and keep track of your growing profits. It can also provide an overview of your balances at each bookie, and a breakdown of the type of bets that you have been placing.

The tracker has been built in Google Sheets so that it can be used by anyone, without the need for a software subscription. To get your own copy you just need to click on this link and then go to ‘File’ then ‘Make a Copy’.

Most people will find the spreadsheet intuitive and easy to use but there is also a detailed Help tab if you are unsure of anything. You can also find a video guide here. If you still need assistance you can just post your question in Discord or send us an email.

Matched betting balance tracker

Once you have been using the tracker for a while, feel free to post some of your stats in the #motivation-and-bragging channel on Discord.

Matched betting stats tracker

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