Over the past week or so, Betfair have become generous with their promotions. Personally, i have received three different ‘20% boost’ offers, and i am aware of at least one other offer that i didn’t receive.

The premise of the offer is that if you bet $100 on one event, Betfair will boost your winnings on another event by 20%, up to a max of $100.

By using matched betting techniques it is possible to guarantee a small profit from these offers.

On average, it should be possible to lock-in around $10-20 from each one, but the maths is a little different from our standard matched bets.

Usually it is the bookmakers that give us the boosts, and they tell us how much we can bet on them. We then use our calculators to work out the appropriate lay stake.

With this promo, though, we have to work out the back stake needed to take full advantage of the boost. This can be pretty tricky, and requires some trial and error…unless you use our calculator

Betfair 20% boost
Betfair boost matched betting calculator

We’ve done the hard maths so that our members only have to spend a few seconds checking if a bet is profitable.

After they have entered the back and lay odds for a selection they will instantly see what their profit would be, and also how much they have to bet to make that profit.

Betfair promos are great for matched betting due to the fact that Betfair love matched bettors. They have no interest in banning us or restricting our stakes the way that bookmakers do.

The Betfair promos also allow us to place a couple of ‘mug’ bets at the bookies. These mug bets will help disguise the fact that we are matched betting.

There’s no guarantee that Betfair will continue offering these promos at the current rate, but while they do our members will be able to profit from them easily.

If you’d like to join them, sign-up today.

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