How To Make Money With Fixed Matches

Matched betting isn’t the only way that you can make money online from betting. You can also do it via ‘Fixed Matches’…and this blog is going to show you how!

Step 1 – Discard your moral compass

If you want to make money from ‘Fixed Matches’ there are only two ways to do it.

The first is to become very rich, or to work for a rich but legally-flexible organisation. You then have to convince players to fix their matches via bribes or threats.

That takes a lot of work, especially if you are dealing with team sports with lots of players.

A more accessible option is simply to become a ‘Fixed Match’ scammer.

If you’re a member of any sports or gambling groups on Facebook you are probably familiar with these guys. They post photos of betslips that show wins from previous ‘fixed matches’. Or maybe they’ll show one for a future game with some important details hidden. They then ask you to subscribe to their service to get access to info about future ‘fixed matches’.

If you were to set up your own ‘Fixed Match’ scam service you might be able to make some money.

What? You wanted tips on where to get real info on fixed matches?

Sorry, no-one is actually giving that info out. Not even the guys who charge €400 per month.

Making Money From Fixed Matches
Step 2 – Find Your Marks

Once you have set up your Facebook scammer profile, the next step is to get as many people as possible to give you their email address or phone number. To do this you need to start posting your ‘wins’ in as many groups as will let you.

Considering that you’ve come this far, you might also want to consider buying some lists of email addresses or phone numbers. The people on the lists won’t have consented to you contacting them – so you will be breaking the law – but who cares, right?

Step 3 – Play the Numbers

Once you have a big enough list you have to start separating it into groups. How many groups depends on which sport and market you want to give tips on.

If you want people to pay a lot of money for your ‘fixes’ you need to give out tips at high odds. The best markets for this are the Correct Score and Half-Time/Full-Time markets in soccer. We’re going to use HT/FT as an example.

There are 9 possible HT/FT outcomes, so we are going to split the list into 9 groups

It is unlikely that anyone on your list will trust your promise of fixed matches straight away. They want proof. So you send them the first fixed match result for free. Except each group gets a different tip – home/home, home/draw, home/away etc.

If you started with 9000 potential customers on your list, 8000 are going to receive a losing tip. These people are unlikely to start paying for your service, but that’s okay. You still have 1000 more.

Anyone can get one winning tip though, so you need to give them another free one. If you split the list in 9 again, you will end up with 111 people who have received 2 winning tips at high odds. Now they are paying attention.

Follow the same procedure for a third time and you will have 12 people who have received 3 winning tips in a row from you. If you have picked evenly matched teams in each game, the odds of this happening will be at least 50/1. They could be over 1000/1!

Those 12 people have gone from sceptics to believers. They can’t wait for the next tip.

Now is the time to ask them for money.

Step 4 – Rinse & Repeat

At this point you will have a long list of people who have no faith in your ‘Fixed Match’ tips, but don’t worry. You can always set up a new Facebook/Twitter/E-mail account with a different name and do the same thing all over again.


Or, if you want to make money online without being a low-life scammer, you could stick to matched betting.

*Disclaimer - in case it wasn't obvious, this blog is tongue-in-cheek. We do not encourage anyone to try this.
Even if it wasn't a scummy thing to do, there are too many people doing it already.
You'd be better off pretending to be a Nigerian prince.

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