Is Matched Betting a Scam?

One of the biggest difficulties we’ve had over the last two years of running bonusbank is the fact that most people assume matched betting is a scam.

This can make it difficult when trying to advertise and grow the site.

Fortunately for us, matched betting profits speak for themselves.

As our members make money they tell their friends, who then sign up and make money themselves.

This is the best type of advertising any business could hope for – happy customers!

Is matched betting a scam?

However, it is still worth addressing the big concern that most people have when introduced to the concept of making risk-free profits from bookmaker bonus bets…


Is Matched Betting a Scam?

I don’t blame anyone who thinks it is. I certainly did when i first stumbled across it a decade ago.

And, if anything, i would encourage people to have a degree a scepticism about ‘internet schemes’.

However, being sceptical is different from being dismissive.

If someone told me they had a tip for a stock that was going to double in price in the next month i would be sceptical, but i would want to learn a bit more before completely dismissing it.

Fortunately, I applied the same approach to matched betting.

Despite my scepticism, i was curious enough to read and learn more. 

As i read, i was constantly looking for ‘the catch’. I figured that there had to be one somewhere. It just seemed too good to be true otherwise.

After a couple of months of trying, but failing, to find ‘the catch’ i eventually gave up and accepted that matched betting might not be a con after all.

So i deposited a small amount of cash into a bookmaker, and a slightly larger amount into Betfair.

The rest, as they say, is history.

After depositing and going through the process of my first matched bets some things became very clear to me:


1: The process works

I had been doubtful that you could actually make a bet that was completely risk-free, but after getting familiar with Betfair – and the idea of covering all outcomes using a back and a lay bet – it started to make sense.

I also used a pen and paper to double-check all of the maths before placing any bets. This is a great way to remove any lingering doubts, and also to increase your understanding of the process.


2: I was in complete control

There was no-one pressuring me into certain bets, or offering tips on ‘sure-things’. I chose what to place my qualifier and bonus bets on. The decision was 100% mine.

Of course, i was part of a forum where people offered advice and suggestions, but there was no incentive for those people to lead me down the wrong track. That lack of an incentive made me even more confident that no-one was scamming me.


3: The potential profits were huge

After completing my first few matched bets and seeing my bankroll increase, any doubts about whether matched betting worked were completely removed.

At that point i stopped worrying about the short-term (am i being scammed?), and started thinking about the long-term potential. 

The potential profits were so great compared to other online side-hustles that it was easy to see why people would think matched betting was a scam.

However, now that i knew it was legit, that potential profit just looked like one thing to me – a way to quit my job and go travelling.


It’s natural, and healthy, to have doubts about something like matched betting. That’s why we offer everything you need to test it out for yourself completely free of charge.

Our free membership includes all the tutorials you need to learn the basics, plus our matched betting calculator and ATM Lite software.

Free members also get full support through our forum, Facebook group, or via email. We don’t ask for anything in return until you have made your first profit and are confident that matched betting works.

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