When most people think about matched betting they think about the sign-up or welcome bonuses that bookies offer to new customers. They don’t realise that the most profitable time for matched betting is after the sign-up offers are done.

Once you have accounts with every bookie, the next step is to start taking advantage of their existing customer promos.

The expected value on these promos isn’t as high as the welcome offers, but there are lots more of them. As a result, you should make much more from these recurring offers than you do from opening new accounts.

The most efficient way to play these promos is to dutch them against each other.

Dutching is an intermediate technique, but we make it easy for beginners to learn the ropes by posting our Daily Plays.

These are suggested bets that show how we would take advantage of the available promos each day. By taking a few minutes each day to follow them it is possible to make amazing profits.

Members can then make their own adjustments using our dutching calculator.

Dutch Promo Bet
Matched Betting Profit Graph

Consistent Profits

The bookmaker promotions turn the odds in our favour and, as a result, we are guaranteed to make a profit over the medium- to long-term. 

Our results page shows just how consistent the profits are.

There are no wild swings up and down as we go on winning or losing runs, just a steady climb upwards as the EV works in our favour.

By taking this approach you can make a consistent, long-term,  income from matched betting in Australia.



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