Early Payout Calc

Early payout offers are becoming increasingly popular with bookmakers…and also with matched bettors! These promos have high (or even no) maximum payouts, so they offer us huge potential profits.

Once an early payout has been triggered we have two possible options:

The first is to do nothing and hope that the team we have backed does not win the game.

If that happens we will receive our early payout but also win our lay bet, giving us a tidy profit.

The other option is to lock-in some guaranteed profit, and for that we use the Early Payout calculator.

The calc works out the appropriate back stake needed for you to make money no matter what happens in the remainder of the game.

This approach reduces the high variance nature of this promo, and allows you to make consistent profits.

Early Payout Calc

2up Software

The Bet365 2up promotion is unique amongst early payout offers because it doesn’t have a maximum payout. This means that you can win thousands (or even tens of thousands) of dollars from a single game.

The promo is also available across multiple leagues, so there are lots of games to choose from. You just need to find the right one, and that’s where our 2up software comes in.

The software scans the eligible leagues to find the matches with the lowest qualifying loss…but it doesn’t stop there.

2up Software

It also looks at the probability of both teams in the game scoring, and there being 4 or more goals in the game. Those are both things that have to happen in order for us to receive a double payout.

By pointing our members in the direction of the games most likely to trigger a large double payout, the software ensures that their Return on Investment when playing the Bet365 2up promo is as high as possible.

This is just one more way that a Bonusbank subscription pays for itself.


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