Bonusbank in a nutshell 10/10

I joined bonusbank 4 months ago and don’t regret a single $ that I spent on this membership. The tools are just crazy useful and whenever you have a question whether it’s Nico personally helping you or one of the members, someone is always there.

Nico and David keep improving bonusbank and always work on new features that facilitate matched betting. If you’re thinking that not joining is going to save you some bucks then you’re wrong here. Time is money and without bonusbank you’re going to spend hours looking for good matches. Look at bonusbank like a shovel when you want to dig a deep hole – yes you can do it with your bare hands but it’ll be a tedious and painful task.

I usually never rate anything let alone write testimonials, however, bonusbank has given me so much that I want to return the favor. If you’re still thinking about joining, do it, it’s one of the things I guarantee you won’t ever regret for a second.