The Bank Staff


So, who are the geniuses behind this amazing site that can make you thousands of dollars?


Well, for a start we’re not really geniuses. We didn’t figure out Matched Betting on our own. We learned about it elsewhere and after years of doing it ourselves, and teaching our friends about it, we decided to build something that would make it easy for anyone to get involved and make some money – no matter their knowledge of betting or sports.

We’re both originally from the same small town in Scotland, but now live on opposite sides of the world. Here’s a little bit more about each of us:

  • Nico

    Nico first stumbled across Matched Betting in the middle of 2008 and, after reading over an online guide multiple times, he eventually took the plunge and deposited £100 in Betfair. By Christmas 2009 he had made enough money to quit his job and go travelling.

    The plan was to travel until the money ran out but, thanks to matched betting, that still hasn’t happened. He currently lives in a little beach town on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua.

  • David

    David is the kind of guy who always has a million ideas for businesses or inventions. He came up with the idea for fart-proof underpants way before these guys did, he just didn’t get on Shark Tank in time. He also recognised the potential of Betfair early on and first opened an account there in 2006, although it was 2012 before he started matched betting.

    He first visited Australia on a working holiday visa in 2005 and has pretty much been there ever since. He now lives in Bondi with his wife and two sons.