ATM Oddsmatcher Software

The Bonusbank ATM is Australia’s most advanced oddsmatcher software.
It constantly scans every bookmaker in Australia to find the best matched betting and arbitrage opportunities. This makes it easy for Bonusbank members to quickly maximise their profits.
Without the ATM you will spend more time looking for matches and get lower returns on your bonus bets. It is a crucial piece of matched betting software.

ATM Oddsmatcher Software

Features of the ATM

  • Adjustable Timezones

    Set it to your state timezone so that you never miss a match again

  • Fully filterable columns

    Filter by date, league, sport, market, bookie, or liquidity to view only matches that meet your criteria

  • Save your settings

    Once your filters are in place, save your settings so that you don’t need to re-do them next time. Ideal for eliminating those gubbed bookies

  • Automatic or Manual Refresh

    Have the ATM update automatically when new data is available, or choose to manually refresh it without needing to reload your browser

  • Adjustable Stakes

    Enter the stake of your qualifying or bonus bet and the SR and SNR columns will update to match it

  • Betfair Links

    Click on the lay column and you will be taken directly to the Betfair market

  • Pop-up Calculators

    Click on the numbers in the SR or SNR column and a standard matched betting calculator will appear, pre-populated with the details for that match

  • Huge range of markets

    The ATM covers a range of markets from across nine different sports (depending on the time of year), so you will never struggle to find a match

ATM Alerts

As an add-on to the ATM, we also have our ATM Alerts chrome extension, which makes it even easier to find great matches.

Alerts works in the background to look for matches that meet criteria set by you. You can ask it to look for matches that will give you a 90% return on your bonus bets, or you can have it look for arbitrage opportunities that will allow you to lock-in a guaranteed profit no matter the outcome of an event.

Whichever approach you choose, ATM Alerts will save you time and increase your profits.


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