Our mission here at bonusbank is to make it as easy as possible for our members to maximise their matched betting profit. That is why we created the ATM Oddsmatcher software.

The ATM removes the need to spend hours each week trawling through betting markets looking for the best place to use a bonus bet.

Instead, members just need to filter the software to meet their needs and the best option will appear instantly.

But what if the best option still isn’t good enough?

Maximising Profits
New Matched Betting Tool

With some bookies it is pretty easy to find selections that will give you 80%+ returns on your bonus bets, but that isn’t the case for all of them.

There are certain bookies where finding a 75% match is like trying to find a polar bear in a snowstorm. They’re probably out there somewhere, but you’re unlikely to find them without the right guide and a lot of patience.

That is why we’ve created our latest matched betting tool – ATM Alerts


ATM Alerts is a chrome extension which constantly scans the ATM and then sends you a notification when a selection matches your criteria.

You can completely customise the type of notification you want to receive:

  • If you want a 90% return on your Sportsbet bonus, Alerts will help you find it.
  • If you only have a small float and need an 80% return at odds of under 6.00, Alerts will help you with that too
  • If you have a bonus that can only be used on a certain sport, no problem. Alerts has you covered.

The extension is always running in the background, looking for the best matches so you don’t have to.



Alerts doesn’t only work with bonus bets. You can also run searches based on the SR value of a selection. This is great for completing turnover requirements, but it can also be used for arbitrage.

If you enter a positive figure in the the SR field, the extension will send you a notification any time an arbitrage opportunity appears on the ATM.

These opportunities appear several times each day, and offer users the chance to make risk-free cash. 

Arbitrage isn’t recommended for everyone though, only those who have already been banned from bookmaker promotions.


Downloading & Installation

If you have already used our HorsePower chrome extension you are probably familiar with this process, but here are the steps for those who haven’t:

  1. Download the zipped file from this link
  2. Extract the files to a folder on your desktop
  3. Open Chrome and type chrome://extensions into the address bar
  4. Turn ‘Developer mode’ on using the button in the top-right, then click on ‘Load unpacked’
  5. Select the folder with the extracted files
  6. The ATM Alerts icon should now be in your toolbar

If you have any doubts you can checkout the video tutorial on how to install HorsePower here.


Using ATM Alerts

Once the extension is installed it should be pretty straight-forward to use, but here is a video of it in action just in case…


Like all of our tools, ATM Alerts is a work in progress.

We are always looking for things to add or improve that will make matched betting even easier for our members.

So if you have any feedback about ATM Alerts please let us know.

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