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At Bonusbank, we can’t imagine a better way to make money online than Matched Betting. Whether you want to pay off a credit card, save for a car or just bring home some extra money each month, matched betting will help you do it!

Here are a selection of member brags from over the past few weeks…..



It’s true that The Matched Betting process can take a little while to learn, and even longer to master. That said, once you understand the basic Back and Lay strategy you can start to make a reliable tax free income. If anything, the early days of our members’ Matched Betting careers can often be the most profitable!

Bookmaker welcome offers are the low hanging fruit of the Matched Betting world. There is plenty of risk free money up for grabs. For our new members we recommend starting out by targeting these welcome offers. Once you have completed one you can move onto the next. With 25+ online bookmakers in Australia competing for your business, profits can stack up quickly!!

Image from Australia's best matched betting community showing member making $1000 profit


Like a lot of things in life, the more you put in the more you get out. This is especially true with Matched Betting.

Many members combine Matched Betting alongside work and family commitments and still make a decent side income. For those who are able to put a bit more time aside, that’s when the profits really start to add up.

There are 100’s of +EV Sports and Racing promos throughout the week. We make it easy for you by putting them all in one place on the Promos Page on the Bonusbank website

Member who made $5000 from matched betting in Australia


After one year of Matched Betting you would probably consider yourself an experienced member. Despite that there are always new methods to learn and ways to extract profit. One of the great things about the Bonusbank Discord Community is the wealth of knowledge that our members have and are willing to share.

To help you keep track of your profits we have created a Bet Tracker spreadsheet that can be filled out as you go.

Matched Betting isn’t a get rich quick scheme, it won’t make you a millionaire. However, it can provide you with a steady stream of income from just a few hours each week.

Matched betting in Australia makes Bonusbank member $25k in one year

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