Like just about everyone else, we were busy over the holiday period. So it almost escaped our notice that our daily plays have now broken through the $25,000 profit mark!

Make Money Matched Betting in Australia

With no major Aussie sport during November and the first half of December, things have been a little bit quiet recently, but the profits have still been creeping up. We’re currently standing at $25,306.

That profit has been earned by taking advantage of bookmaker promotions which turn the odds in favour of the punter. When used correctly, these promotions guarantee a profit over the medium- to long-term, as our profit graph shows.

Although the steepness of the graph varies, it only ever moves in one direction – up!

The total profit averages out to over $40 per day, which is pretty good considering it only takes our members about 10 minutes each day to follow the plays.

With the Big Bash League now in full swing, and the Aussie Open starting next week, we are now leaving the quieter time of the year for matched betting.

In fact, it’s not long until a matched bettors favourite time of year – the return of NRL and AFL in March!

If you want to be ready to take advantage of all of the great promos that will be available, sign up and start learning the matched betting basics today.

You can earn thousands of dollars from sign up bonuses before the season starts, then thousands more from promotions afterwards. 

If you are keen to get started, you can get Premium membership between now and the first NRL game on March 14th for just $79. That’s 25% off our standard monthly price!

Sign up now using the code 25K to make sure you don’t miss out.


Coupon is valid for signups before January 12th

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