Today's Plays Stats

The table above shows the return from all of our suggested plays since our launch in April 2017. You can see the qualifying loss (QL) for each play plus any promotional payouts that we received.

Promo payouts are split into ‘Cash Back/Early Payouts’, which are instantly withdrawable, and ‘SNR Bonuses’ which we have to turnover. For recording purposes, we assume that you will turn the SNR bonuses over for 70% profit. This is easily achievable using the ATM, and with some bookies you will be able to get 80%+.

The ‘Net’ amount shows the net profit for that play after turning over any bonuses. The ‘Total’ is the running total profit for the plays since Day 1.

If you switch the tabs you can view the running total in chart form, and also see a month-by-month breakdown of the profits.