Latest Feature: Advanced Matched Betting Calculator!

The new features keep coming thick and fast at bonusbank. Hot on the heels of last weeks updates, we have now added a calculator with features designed for advanced matched betting.

Advanced Features

The first difference between the advanced calculator and our original calc is that it allows you to split your lay bet across different lay odds. This is especially useful at times when Betfair liquidity is lower than your desired stake.

Advanced Matched Betting Calculator

In the image above, the user has entered a stake of $44 at odds of 2.76 in the ‘Part lays already in place’ section. This could have been because there was only $44 available to lay. They now want to work out how much they should lay at 2.78 to complete their bet. The advanced calculator works this out exactly and displays it below.

Advanced Matched Betting Calculator

Unlike our simple calc, the advanced matched betting calculator offers three suggested lay amount. The first is the standard lay that you would see on the simple version. This is the lay amount needed to guarantee the exact same profit or loss no matter the outcome of the event.

The new ‘Under Lay’ & ‘Over Lay’ sections show how much you should lay in order to receive $0 profit or loss on each outcome. This is know as a full underlay or full overlay. You may choose to use this if you have a strong feeling about what the result of an event may be. You may also use it if you are working through a wagering requirement and prefer having bets win at Betfair.


If a full under- or over-lay feels a bit too extreme, you may want to try a partial option instead. For that you can use the bottom section of the calculator.

Advanced Matched Betting Calculator

By using the slider you can completely customise your lay amount. It allows you to see what your returns would be if you adjusted your lay by up to 20% in either direction. This is the maximum we would suggest adjusting your bets by. Any more than this and variance starts to play a big factor.

Keeps Getting Better

The advanced matched betting calculator is a great addition to our existing tools here at bonusbank. It gives our members more options when making risk-free profits from Australian bookmakers. We are happy to have it as our newest feature, but it won’t be the newest for long…

There are lots more features to come from the leading matched betting community in Australia. Sign up today to get involved!

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